World class- tomtom go 5100 put to the test

The TomTom GO 5100 is said to be the most extensive and most advanced navigation device ever offered by the two world hands. It starts with the integrated SIM card (including unlimited roaming), continues with the infinitely update-capable world maps and the very clever suction cup holder. For 299 euros (RRP) there is an unbeatable mobile navigation device in the house?

The scope of delivery is very, very clear: navigation device, USB cable, 12V adapter and the suction cup holder. There is also a quick guide, but it really is superfluous. The start shows the map or the current position directly; a small icon at the bottom left of the screen takes you to the menu. If you want to play beforehand, you can try out the zoom function, either using the buttons or your fingers – like on a smartphone.

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World premiere and rehearsal of the new porsche macan

Porsche has been offering the Macan since 2014, making the SUV the youngest model in the Porsche family. But now the facelift is coming, which brings the Porsche Macan back in line with the latest design language from Zuffenhausen, as well as bringing a few new features to Porsche’s smallest SUV.

Current Porsche Design DNA now also in the Macan

It can be seen directly from behind, even if the prototypes were able to hide it for a long time. The continuous LED light strip now adorns the Macan as well, following the Panamera and Cayenne. The Macan retains the three-dimensional lights and only inserts the light strip into them. The clear difference to the Cayenne remains. Apart from that, the apron has also been changed a bit.

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World premiere for the skoda kamiq

In addition to Karoq and Kodiaq, there is now also the Skoda KAMIQ. The vehicle, which was designed and produced exclusively for the Chinese market, celebrated its world premiere in the Czech embassy in Beijing. The city SUV is intended to further support the continuing success of the Czechs in China.

Skoda KAMIQ with Karoq-like dimensions

The body of the city SUV measures 4,390 mm in length, 1,781 mm in width (without mirrors) and 1,593 mm in height. This makes the latest SUV from Skoda eight millimeters longer than the Karoq, but measures less in width and height than the compact SUV, which is also available in Europe. Even with a wheelbase of 2,610 mm, it only measures slightly less than the Karoq. However, there is an interesting new drive under the hood.

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The modest- škoda yeti 2.0 tdi 4×4 first impression

Unimpressed by wind and weather, not even the snowfall can spoil the smile of the Yeti. And yet he maintains a cool distance, that of a workhorse that does its job quietly and quietly without complaining. Every day without complaining. True to the motto, “do what you want with me, even if it gets a little tougher”.

His inconspicuous appearance plays into the cards of the Yeti. He does not want to do with wide sills, a sporty body or even a lowering on “thick pants”. No, everything is functional. For the terrain! The lower cladding made of sturdy plastic should at least prevent the larger stones in the rough terrain from scratching the paint. With a ground clearance of 118 millimeters, a quarry is needed. Even if it looks a bit long-legged, it still fulfills the actual purpose of an SUV. Not only can he go off-road, he even wants to. Not made for the promenade, occupying the parking lot directly in front of the ice cream parlor or even stopping in front of the luxury boutiques. The “snowman from the Himalayas” wants to take a stop at the survival shop, invite a shotgun through the undergrowth and go hunting.

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The made-to-measure suit- a fitting test in the new e-class -w213-

The facelift of the Mercedes-Benz W212 series two years ago was a rather minor step forward. All the more impressive is the big step that the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class takes in the interior. Before the new sedan (W213) celebrates its premiere at the NAIAS 2016 in Detroit, the Stuttgart-based company invited to the new interior. A quantum leap that brings the E-Class dangerously close to the S-Class.

The outside view must continue to be kept silent. Anyone interested in the design of the new E-Class simply has to venture a city trip to Stuttgart and will come across at least one camouflaged prototype. The new interior brings the upper middle class from Mercedes, which is often referred to as the upper class, on par with the current S-Class. But in certain details, the new model even skips the luxurious oversize and puzzles chauffeurs in the S-Class in particular. Anyone who wants to be chauffeured still drives better with the S-Class. In the back there is far more space, more comfort and also more luxury.

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The modern classic- porsche 718 cayman gts 4.0 test

With the ever advancing electrification, the indispensable eco-thinking and the unstoppable tendency to downsizing, a vehicle like the Porsche 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 (and Boxster variant) is just right. A mid-engine sports car that brings almost unimaginable things to life. A modern classic. Perhaps almost the last of its kind. Is it worth the investment of at least 81,926 euros? In short, yes, and the driving report also shows why.

A real Porsche heart: the 4.0-liter boxer engine

It is the heart of the GTS 4.0. A 4-liter boxer engine without any supercharging. But already with a gasoline particle filter and even cylinder deactivation, so that even the eco can not complain. A high-speed unit par excellence. Paired with an equally good, crisp manual 6-speed gearshift. From summer, food scavengers will also be offered an optional double clutch transmission (PDK). The option may be valid, but it would be a mistake. The best thing to do is to take the 718 GTS 4.0 models at the basic price. Depending on the intended use, you could still order the immensely expensive ceramic brake or the carbon bucket seats. It would only be more radical than it is without the 7-inch touchscreen in the center console, which, by the way, is built in as standard. Just like the twin-pipe sports exhaust system, the sound quality of which can best be seen in our video driving report.

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The middle class alternative- kia optima sw test

The field of mid-range station wagons is highly competitive. There is a suitable option for every budget, regardless of whether it is “very expensive” with the Audi A4 Avant, “very practical” with the Skoda Superb Combi or “very classic” with the VW Passat Variant. Not to forget the alternatives to the Ford Mondeo or Opel Insignia and that closes the circle with the new Kia Optima SW. What the Korean Sportswagon can and cannot do better than the competition, more about that in the test.

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The lion roars again- the peugeot 208 gti has hunted in the alps

You will find it in front of hip clubs, on the promenades of lively Rivieras and in the shopping streets of today’s metropolises. The Peugeot 208 GTi is the French chameur, the shy schoolboy who ends up getting women – literally.

So where better to think of the Hot Hatch, if not to France, more precisely to the Côte d ‘Azur, because this is exactly where we were allowed to chase and kick it through the hinterland.

Nice can also come up with magnificent mountain landscapes, as it is the third largest city and offers access to the Alps.

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The little ami for europe- cadillac ats limousine 2.0 t test drive

The Cadillac comes to Europe as an all-wheel drive and purely rear-wheel drive variant. For us it was, of course, the more fun one, with the RWD ID, which was used for the short test drive. It is, let’s say, a bit of a hassle to get the heavyweight – according to the technical data only 1530 kilograms – discreetly out of a curve with a slightly smoky rear axle. With a 2.0-liter turbo engine intended for Europe, however, this is not to be expected otherwise.

Still, the on-board computer’s extrapolation is frightening, we shouldn’t even get 400 kilometers with a tank of almost 62 liters. Thirsty 276 hp waiting under the hood. And that although in heavy traffic not much “went”, as the saying goes. Americans are better built for cruising than for fast corners or fast mountain passages.

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The marathon champion- škoda octavia iii 1.6 tdi 105 hp

Gasoline engines are usually the most fun, but diesels are the more sensible cars. The Škoda Octavia with the largest sales will be the 1.6 TDI with 105 PS. A reason to take a closer look at it and to take a look at the new 8-inch navigation system.

Volume model, that’s what the Octavia with the economical 1.6 TDI is called in specialist circles. Why, quite simply, the smallest diesel with variable geometry of the turbocharger is sufficient. That is the point. Low consumption, long range and, in extreme cases, a top speed of 195 km / h. This makes the diesel very attractive, especially for long-distance drivers. Nobody could achieve the standard consumption of 3.8 l / 100km, more than four liters in any case. Instead of the manual five-speed box, the seven-speed DSG is highly recommended, which requires a little more change, but is certainly more fun on long journeys.

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