24 hours in paris with citröen – the perfect trip for him and her

Paris, the city of love, good food and art. When you think of them, these terms come to mind incredibly quickly. In addition, catchwords such as “Eiffel Tower” or “Louis Vuitton” appear in front of the inner eye. Paris seems to be more of a travel destination to which female travelers in particular are drawn. Understandable, because after all, the charm of the French is inimitable. Nevertheless, the lords of creation don’t have to be afraid of a trip there either. Why? Citröen showed us.

In order to calm your loved ones right after their arrival in Paris, we recommend a visit to the Citröen headquarters, which is currently exhibiting the “Traction Avant” from various years. It might not be in the travel guide, but it’s worth a look. What other brand can Paris represent as well as the local manufacturer of the famous duck ?! Vehicles from Citröen are funny, relaxed, but still classic – and that’s exactly how a trip through Paris should be.

After a little shopping tour for you at lunchtime and a dinner in the evening for both of you in one of the small restaurants, one thing shouldn’t be missing: the classic, the Eiffel Tower. Its sparkle in the dark of the night is not only incredibly romantic, but also fascinating. If that’s not enough culture for you, you can venture to the Arc de Triomphe or the Sacre Coeur and see Paris from different angles.

The next morning it goes to DS-World, which is a real rarity in Europe and not only inspires men’s hearts. The sophisticated flair and the elegant staging of the cars never let you forget that you are in the city of art. Speaking of art: DS regularly exhibits works by current artists and is therefore twice as worthwhile.

To stay on the bike, a walk to the Champs-Élysées is highly recommended. Because here Citröen regularly presents the most varied of delicacies on four wheels. The current exhibition is also something for you, because every floor shows a new car with a lot of history and that in an atmosphere characterized by design. We are and will remain in Paris. A little tip on the side: If the wife of the gods is nevertheless – incomprehensibly – not impressed by these vehicles, you can drop them off in one of the fashion stores right next door and pick them up again afterwards.

From here, another classic follows: a trip to Versailles. But of course not with one of the tourist buses, no. Here, too, Citröen helps to make the Paris trip more personal and at the same time more amusing: We’re going with a 40-year-old, bright yellow duck! Anyone who has driven this car knows how fun and authentic driving this vehicle is.

The personal highlight of my 24 hours in Paris was a guided tour through the hallowed halls of the Citröen Racing department. Admittedly, not everyone gets this opportunity and therefore this is not necessarily a travel tip, but if you get the opportunity, you should definitely use it! The smell, the parts of the racing car that has just been dismantled – it is wonderful and cannot be described with a few typed words!

A final goal that is definitely feasible, but somewhat hidden, is the “Citröen Conservatoire”. Even at the last minute, shortly before take-off (it is only a 10-minute drive from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport), you can crown the short trip again. This is where Citröen’s vehicle treasures are hidden, which were once hidden, guarded or presented. Show cars, design editions, vintage cars, classics, even the James Bond duck rests here next to their comrades. It is a Mecca for Citröen fans and definitely not enough to explore in under an hour.

Before the flight takes off, you discovered another highlight of French history with a visit there. If you can move the flight back but a little further back, you should definitely do so. Enjoying all these experiences in 24 hours is possible, but requires a real sprint of information processing in your own head. So a few more hours in the sparkling city can’t hurt either.

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Text / Photos: Larissa Rutkowski