Kia sorento diesel test- luxury at a kia budget price

The Kia brand has worked its way up from a cheap home to a conqueror in recent years. Anyone who prefers a more expensive, but still equivalent product to the charming South Korean should urgently take the basic math course again. With the new Kia Sorento, however, the Koreans are really overdoing it. A mid-range SUV, which makes full-fledged luxury bodies look old at two or even three times the price. A first test of the new Kia Sorento Diesel.

Kia Sorento Diesel can compete with luxury models

In Europe, the Sorento is the flagship. It’s logical that a few new technical highlights are packed into the model. A new, higher level of assistance is one topic. In addition to compulsory topics such as 360-degree cameras, head-up displays, blind spots assistant with steering correction, you also go one step further. The exit warning, for example, not only warns, but also actively locks the doors if something rustles in and you try to get out anyway. The active Blind Spot Assistant with monitor even makes the blind spot visible in the driver’s display and the Remote Parking Assistant (only for the diesel) lets the big man park and unpark without a driver at the wheel at the push of a button. And best of all, everything works as it should. Incidentally, the new Sorento has a central airbag between the driver and front passenger as standard. And from the second version, everything essential is on board, everything above is pure luxury. 

The new design direction from Kia

Without question, design is always a matter of taste. The big one can definitely be seen, however, shows a detailed play of light and shadow on the front, depending on which paintwork you choose. It is an expressive demeanor, which clearly sets it apart from the direct as well as much more expensive competition. Probably also because it is the first Kia with the new design language. More about this in our detailed video driving report.

Video driving report Kia Sorento Diesel

Kia Sorento Diesel driving impression

The drive is as new as the car itself. A 2.2-liter turbodiesel with 202 hp scores above all with its powerful acceleration from the lower speed range. Responsible is the impressive torque of 440 Nm, which is also the basis for the trailer load of 2.5 tons. What really makes the drive stand there, however, is the 8-speed dual clutch transmission with wet clutch. Fast like a classic DCT but as quiet as a classic automatic. A combination that turns out to be an absolute dream. The high level of comfort, which practically does not let you notice any shift changes, is also evident in a well-sealed cabin. In the end, the short drive through the Eifel has a consumption of 5.4 to 7.6 l / 100km. Just as impressive as the car that is sure to conquer the middle class.

Text / Photos: Fabian Meßner