Light of the future exclusively for selected Maybach customers

With more than two million pixels, some selected fleet customers of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class will get the light of the future this year. The system called Digital Light can not only perfectly illuminate the road thanks to the large number of LED pixels, but can also “paint” the road with light.

Over a million micromirrors per headlight unit

Firstly, the Digital Light is the next level after the currently installed top system Multibeam LED. This technology alone guarantees no glare for oncoming traffic. The new technology takes this to a new level, the possible glare is reduced to an absolute minimum. There are chips with over a million micromirrors built into each headlight. This means that over two million pixels are implemented per vehicle.

Other road users are recognized by camera and sensor systems, and the computers, which can also access the navigation data, calculate the ideal light cone. The oncoming traffic is completely hidden. But the innovation as such is the possibility to project symbols onto the street. If you will, the Augmented Reality head-up display.

Three functions at a glance

When driving through a construction site, two tracks of light are projected onto your own lane, which correspond to the overall width of the car. These guide lines help the driver to find their way around.

Extended pedestrian marking
If a pedestrian is detected in the danger area near the lane, an arrow appears on the lane pointing in its direction. This is done in addition to the marking that is already carried out by the adaptive high beam assistant.

Distance marking
This function supports the driver in setting the control distance according to the situation. When the DISTRONIC PLUS adaptive cruise control is activated or the driver changes the standard distance, a corresponding distance marker is displayed on the road as an aid.

Various warning symbols as a graphic representation on the road

The headlights can also “throw warning symbols onto the road” for the driver. This includes the slippery road warning symbol, a roadworks warning symbol, a collision warning symbol, the lane departure warning symbol, a blind spot warning symbol and the speed warning symbol. Mercedes-Benz is currently checking which functions can be implemented without problems, because the technology must comply with the legal framework in the relevant countries.

Photos: Daimler AG