More information about the cupra e-racer

A few days ago, Seat’s new subsidiary, CUPRA, presented the fully electric CUPRA e-Racer racing car. Now there is more information about the driving values ​​and, above all, when you will see the electric racing car on the racetrack.

The future TCR series will be electric

The CUPRA e-Racer can also be found on the stand in Geneva, alongside the Seat models. Because CUPRA has its own stand next to the normal Spaniards. The TCR series has accompanied Seat as Seat Sport since 2014, now the new brand CUPRA will take over the hand at the wheel. The CUPRA e-Racer is based on the experience and the chassis of the normal Cup Racer of the TCR series. However, with a purely electric drive.

In addition to the locally emission-free and quiet ride, it is also much stronger than the Cup Racer. Although this puts around 350 hp on the road, the performance of the e-Racer only begins far above that. The e-Racer itself uses a “relatively simply constructed” electric motor that requires little maintenance. Above all, the electric motor should use almost all of the energy provided, while the combustion engine in the racing car uses just over 30% of the fuel energy in the best case.

Continuous output of 300 kW and peak output of 500 kW

The continuous output of the CUPRA e-Racer with 300 kW (408 PS) is already above that of the current combustion engine. But at the top (e.g. for overtaking) the power is 500 kW and thus 680 PS. The rear wheels are driven, also unlike in the internal combustion engine. It only takes 3.2 seconds to go 100 km / h, and from a standstill to 200 km / h it only takes 8.2 seconds. Driving values ​​of super sports cars. However, the maximum speed is regulated to 270 km / h.

This year the e-Racer will only be “demonstrated”, but next year a small series (with other other manufacturers) will follow. The entire format of the racing event should also run differently. Incidentally, the e-Racer does not have a rear-view mirror, instead uses three cameras that show the information on a display in the dashboard.

Photos: Seat