More than just a crossover- ford fiesta active driving report

Do you really need a crossover from a small car that actually already has an SUV? Ford says yes with the Fiesta Active. We drove the small crossover and say you don’t necessarily need it, but in fact it makes more sense than a small SUV. 

Ford Fiesta Active offers what SUV customers want

Because customers are looking for a vehicle in the small SUV that offers them a higher seating position and better visibility. Most of the time – also in the Ford EcoSport – only the higher seating position is offered, the caution is usually lost through the styling. The Fiesta Active, on the other hand, offers both. The higher seating position and the caution. Because technically it is still a Ford Fiesta, only with 19 millimeters more ground clearance. Thus, it also offers a slightly higher seating position. In this respect, however, it also retains the tight and crisp dimensions of the Ford Fiesta of around four meters.

Only turbo engines in the Fiesta Active

In order to accommodate the somewhat higher weight, Ford donated the Fiesta Active exclusively to turbo engines. Even the basic version with 85 hp is not a naturally aspirated engine, as in the normal Fiesta, but also an ecoboost turbo three-cylinder. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to try the latter, only the 140 hp top engine. Also a 3-cylinder with turbocharging.

Driving impression of the Ford Fiesta Active

And also the same drive as last in the Fiesta ST-Line. Thus, the Fiesta Active can also be compared ideally. In addition to the ten millimeter wider track, Ford has generally given it a different chassis. So that all in all the Fiesta Active is similar to the normal Fiesta models. Of course, the discreetly higher position cannot be concealed in curves, but the Fiesta Active is guaranteed to be more dynamic in this sense than the EcoSport, for example.

Only the trunk remains of course at Fiesta level, but more about the new Fiesta Active as always in our video driving report.

Video driving report Ford Fiesta Active

Text: Fabian Meßner

Photos: Ford