More than just hype- Tesla model x 100d driving report

The Tesla topic is still a huge hype. Either you really like the start-up-like company or you can’t do anything with it. For a long time we belonged to the latter, but now after a few days with the Tesla Model X 100D we have to admit that Tesla does a lot better than others. Driving report with the 6-seater Model X.

Driving a Tesla is not cheap fun

Let’s check off the most difficult topic right at the start. Driving a Tesla is not cheap. The Model X starts as a 75D variant in Germany from 91,250 euros. Our Model X 100D brings it to a total of 142,230 euros, but also with all imaginable extras. The biggest criticism for Tesla was (and is) the build quality. Tesla, like other automakers, is dependent on suppliers. Apparently they have changed right here, because our copy with 2,800 kilometers on the clock does not show any nakedness. The white leather is flawlessly sewn, the gaps fit inside and out and the materials come together nicely everywhere.

Only a small flaw can be found in the processing

Only a slight creaking on the passenger side below the center console occurs when driving unevenly. The rest corresponds to the luxury price tag. This also includes the comfortable 6-seater furniture, which is optionally also completely heated. The only drawback is that the seat heating has to be set using the large tablet. Also for the third row. The co-driver thus becomes the first officer and has to act as the first officer from time to time, whereby the passengers are primarily to be made happy.

Plenty of space for six passengers – also in the third row

The seating comfort is good everywhere with a slight descent from front to back. In the third row, two 1.80m men also get along well. Only the head then has to be placed in the recess. The passengers in the second row have it especially well when they enter via the Falcon Wing Doors. A nice gimmick that is still attracting astonished looks in the parking lot three years after its market launch.

Driving impression of the Tesla Model X 100D

But it will be especially exciting for the driver. The Tesla automatically opens the door, loads it and closes the cabin as soon as you put your foot on the brake. Then it can go. At city and cross-country speeds, “everything is as always”. Quiet, calm, relaxed. As you know it from an electric car. But contrary to many other current e-cars, the Tesla Model X does not stop at the gray signs on the highway.

It is worth taking e-car skeptics with you. Almost 2.5 tons empty weight. They can’t be quick. What happens when you step on the right pedal at 120 km / h, however, puts every skeptic into shock first, followed by a broad grin. And the 100D with its 386 kW (525 PS) is not even the most powerful that Tesla offers for the Model X. To be completely open and honest, the Model X is only bombastic in the longitudinal dynamics. As soon as there are bends, you should follow the white signs with the red ring. Despite the deeply installed battery, the structure weighs heavily in the bends.

Tesla underestimated in many ways

Overall, we’ve done Tesla an injustice in the past. You can say what you want about the company and the management. What we have understood, however, is to put an extremely good electric car on its feet and to provide it with technical refinements that other manufacturers will only bring in the coming years. What really stands out is the intelligent and easy control of the 17-inch touch television in the center console. Apart from controlling the seat heating, of course.

Video driving report Tesla Model X 100D

Text: Fabian Meßner

Photos: Tesla Motors