More than just seven hp- cla 250 sport shooting brake

It pops and hisses like an AMG, but it isn’t. The CLA 250 Sport Shooting Brake disguises itself as a normal 250, but has a lot more to offer. Another software treats him to seven additional horses, but this has further positive surprises in store, according to which the predicate sport more than just comes true.

Sport is more than just horsepower

The CLA 250 Sport delivers 218 instead of 211 hp, which on paper seems to be the only benefit. But in addition to the “sport features” such as the more dynamic styling, a sportier set-up of the engine, pedal characteristics and transmission is also waiting for us. Not to mention the crisp sound, copied from the 45s. Inside and out, the CLA 250 Sport spits almost like the “big one”.

Especially when the drive modes are switched to the sports department. Regardless of whether you are upshifting or downshifting, the exhaust system bangs and rumbles endlessly. In addition, it must be said that something has been “contrived” here, but not so exaggerated that it would no longer be bought from the drive. It fits. It suits the car very well, or rather it looks good.

Sound orgy almost like the CLA 45

The sound doesn’t promise more than the CLA 250 Sport Shooting Brake itself can deliver. The tuning as such is already more aggressive in the comfort setting. The engine is speed greedy and the transmission is extremely reluctant to shift into the next gear before 3,000 tours. Quite different is the ordinary 250, which shifts through the seven gears early on in order to consume as little fuel as possible.

Here, too, the sport is almost based on its big brother. With around eleven liters with a mixed driving style, the small tank quickly tilts to the reserve indicator. Anyone who buys something with the label Sport from Mercedes-Benz or even Mercedes-AMG should be clear that this also applies to other points. However, this is easy to get over with the noise. Not least because of the driving performance. They may not be too clear on paper. Because paper does not encompass either emotion or lateral acceleration.

Lateral dynamic all-wheel drive as standard

Equipped with 4MATIC all-wheel drive as standard, the CLA 250 Sport Shooting Brake pushes more often and harder from the rear axle. Not only as the direct competitor, but also as the direct brother. The sport does not only refer to seven horses, but also to the chassis setup and the far more dynamic all-wheel drive. It would be almost as if Mercedes-Benz had incorporated some of its core rear-wheel drive expertise.

Although the Shooting Brake looks (and is) much larger than the CLA Coupé, it still remains a lifestyle vehicle. If you need space, a Golf Variant is better off. Anyone looking for the unmistakable style of an elegantly drawn coupé with a trunk will find their car in the Shooting Brake.

Video driving report Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Sport Shooting Brake

Text / Photos: Fabian Meßner