My new living room has four wheels – cls 350 cdi shooting brake

Florence Airport. Saturday lunchtime: Touchdown at the best temperatures above 25 ° Celsius. “Which one would you like?” – the choice was already made – “the 350 CDI please”. Clever as I am, I already thought about it before the international press presentation of the Mercedes-Benz Shooting Brake, result, the big diesel should be the best engine for it and surprise, I hit something of the mark.

There it is, my toy for this sunny day in Tuscany, a good color choice in “cuprite brown”, the interior, light, very light, called “almond beige”. Susceptible to dirt, if you will, it’s good that I put on fresh trousers in the morning, matching the beige leather cover and the dark woods with a clear lacquer coating. Checked in the navigation system, turned the key and the six-cylinder hissed briefly. A diesel? Great sound for a diesel. When the door is closed, it quickly becomes apparent that only very specific resonances are conducted into the interior, but the sound acousticians will have put in a few night shifts for that.

First carefully rolled out of the parking lot, do not attract negative attention in the first minute. A bit to get used to the seven-speed automatic and the robust diesel with the monstrous torque. Gliding comfortably along the motorway – a dream. An absolute dream. How am I supposed to get back into a “normal” car after such a relaxed and pleasant tour guide – on Italian roads mind you? This question has haunted me for the first few kilometers with the 4.96 meter long work of art and the Distronic Plus doesn’t exactly make things any easier. With so much useful and well implemented technology, who really needs a chauffeur? For me, that’s first class traveling behind the wheel.

The Ecolevel display is at 88%, once again super green on the road, look at the first beautiful winding country road. The dampers on sport, the eco mode off and the sport gear engaged. Suddenly the six-cylinder seems to have woken up from deep sleep, the torque of 620 Nm pushes me into the seat, the seat thinks well and pumps up the kidneys to match the cornering and keeps me in the seat so ideally – there is not much room left for the CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake (700 Nm). The 1.9 tonnes live weight (without special equipment) can be driven through Tuscany almost as easily as a small sports coupé, and the rear also likes to dance briefly out of slower corners. Never in my life have I driven such a sporty, agile and at the same time extremely economical diesel that offers space for five people and easily three or four large suitcases or more.

At the very brief and informative press conference, in addition to the fact that Mercedes photographed the Shooting Brake in front of the Porsche Museum, the statement “stingy on consumption” also made me smile. Yes, the Swabians can do that better than anyone else, be stingy and save until they drop. And so, personally, the consumption almost knocked me off the sofa, ah not the sofa, it was the driver’s seat, is so close together. Even in the non-overdrive mode I couldn’t crack the eight liter limit, the 350 CDI only barely touched it with 7.9 liters / 100 km, if at all. With a moderate driving style it becomes even more extreme, as this not exactly small coupé with four doors and trunk with an average of almost 6.5 liters can be moved. Unrivaled!

The already mentioned living room, lounge and cockpit are something of a standard in this price range, but still impressive. The Harman & Kardon plant is an O (h) rgasmus. This sounded like in a concert hall, regardless of whether it was chilled lounge music or a thumping beat through the city centers. With its 14 loudspeakers and 610 watts of power, this system is not for the parking lot partyies, this system is made for music lovers. Of course, curious viewers can also receive sound, but such a sound is only shared with the best. His fellow passengers.

My only point of criticism, which may also seem a bit fussy, is the weak brake for the curb weight, in my opinion. Even if the weight is otherwise absolutely never felt, the brakes make it noticeable that no lightweight is being moved here. Again, it’s not the brake per se, but rather its dosage, which I found a bit difficult on the first few meters on the winding country roads, because the brakes have to be almost pressed down for optimal deceleration. Apart from that, it will be difficult to put other cars in relation to each other in the future, because that was definitely “Upper Class”. The engine together with the equipment and the possibility of filling 590 liters of cargo volume, these are benchmarks against which the competition will have to measure itself in the coming years and which will probably also bite a tooth or two.

Text: Fabian Meßner

Photos: Fabian Meßner

CLS 350 CDI BlueEFFICENCY Shooting Brake

V6 diesel 2,987 cm³ (Euro 5) 265 hp at 3,800 rpm 620 Nm at 1,600 – 2,400 rpm 6.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h VMax 250 km / h (electrically sealed off) Combined consumption 6.1 l / 100km Test consumption 7.3 l / 100km Base price 65,628.50 euros

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