Quick check lexus gs 300h- small motor big savings-

The GS300h comes in several equipment variants and tries to adapt perfectly to the needs of its owner. There are 3 versions to choose from, 2 of which I was able to take a closer look at.

The Luxury Line of the new GS definitely trumps with an elegant and glamorous appearance. A little precious wood here, a little chrome appliqué there and, above all, a lot of leather create an elegant, inviting look. The seats, which can be precisely adjusted, ensure comfort and do not forget how masters like to sit (memory function). It is cozy and warm in the front and in the back thanks to the heated seats and should it get too hot, the 3-zone automatic air conditioning helps you cool down again. It can also be controlled from the back seat, just like audio and co. The luxury version is also equipped with an adaptive chassis, has bi-LED headlights including automatic cornering lights and high beam assistants and the Lexus premium navigation system. Small gadgets such as the electric trunk lid, the electric blind and a key in credit card format round off the overall “luxury” concept. You just feel comfortable!

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Pulling the circle closer- opel corsa opc nürburgring edition

The concept of a lot of force pulling on the front axle and weighing on it is one that is becoming increasingly popular. One of these examples is the Opel Corsa OPC Nürburgring Edition. The last addition in the name is particularly important, because this “Green Goblin” was conceived on the Nürburgring and born in the Green Hell.

We usually know the subject of understeer and oversteer. The Corsa needs a third! In short, I simply call it negative centripetal force. In general, we expect a front-wheel drive vehicle that is accelerated in a curve to have an unrestrainedly overwhelmed front axle and the resulting understeer and an early date with the guardrail. Apparently the Corsa has never heard of it. If we repeat the same experiment with the 210 hp power dwarf, something happens that speaks against driving physics as we know it.

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Purism at a low price- toyota gt86 driving report

Four wheels, a motor and a manual transmission. It doesn’t take more to drive and more, I honestly didn’t care about the GT86 either. Escape the pre-controlled everyday life, experience the real and true driving experience, as close to the road as usually only the Indians with their ears who want to hear whether you are just around the corner. A driving machine in its purest and most natural version.

It’s night. You are walking towards the GT86. The ambient lighting in the interior goes on, he knows that you are there. A handle in the door handle and the Keyless-Go system unlocks the car. Get in, deep inside, well below, almost 40 centimeters above the ground, the “bottom meter” is in the ideal position to speak directly to the street. The seat: tight. Perfect for me. He grabs and has you firmly under control, especially the pads in the shoulder area provide extra support in the curves. Push me Go do it! “Engine Start / Stop” pressed, the boxer turns up. It has to be 1,500 rpm to warm up before it slowly settles down to its idle speed of almost 700 rpm. Release the handbrake and engage first gear. A clear clack of the transmission confirms: gear is in. A little more puristic than in today’s cars.

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Pure nature- nissan 370z nismo driving report

Even at the wedding of SUV flooding, there are still a few sports cars. But one of them is all alone. The Nissan 370Z Nismo is one of the last, if not the last, to do without one or two turbochargers. His VQ37 still works according to the old method. Driving report of an extremely unusual car.

The Nissan 370Z Nismo – a piece of old school

He is getting on in years. It’s confusing. It’s impractical. It is the celebration of the long gone. You can tell at first glance that the 370Z Nismo is no longer quite fresh. Today designers would probably draw it differently, starting with the front and ending with the rear. But more important is the interior, which needs a revision. But the formula is classic. A long bonnet, behind it a small cabin and behind it an even shorter but powerful rear end.

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Psa 5-year plan for citroen, peugeot and ds

“Push to Pass” is the name of the new five-year plan from PSA, the parent company that unites Peugeot, Citroen and DS Automobiles. The French car manufacturer has set itself high goals, which should primarily ensure growth over the next five years. A big topic is electrification in the form of plug-in hybrids or complete electric cars. A total of 26 new vehicles and eight commercial vehicles are manifested in the 5-year plan for PSA.

PSA wants growth with electric drives

The major growth plan includes seven plug-in hybrid vehicles and four all-electric vehicles. In addition, the implementation of new connectivity solutions as well as autonomous technology is of course in the foreground. The direction for the next five years includes a global plan, so probably not all 26 vehicles can also be seen in Germany. PSA is already offering vehicles on the Chinese market that are only used here as a “basis” for the WTCC, for example.

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Motorcycle navi Garmin Zumo 590lm tested

Anyone who goes on tour by bike needs the right support. Garmin offers motorcyclists, among other things, the Garmin zumo 590LM that directly covers all of Europe with the maps. A short test report on the motorcycle navigation system for 649 euros.

At 375 grams, the machine’s power-to-weight ratio is only slightly worse due to the Garmin zumo 590LM. But that’s just the device itself, plus the battery and the necessary parts for fastening. Overall, it’s not enough to imbalance the handlebars. The 5-inch diagonal of the easy-to-read display, which can be operated with gloves, can be used both vertically and horizontally. Depending on the space in the motorcycle cockpit or personal preference. Operation is clear and simple. The large icons are easy to hit with the glove and are self-explanatory.

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Product test- zeiss drivesafe glasses glasses – autophorie.de

What is self-evident for some can be very difficult for others. The fact that I can’t drive well at night was already clear to me when I went to the driving school for the first time. As soon as headlights, lanterns and glowing billboards come towards me in the dark, my eyes narrow and I have to concentrate extremely hard. Indeed, over time you learn little “tricks” (such as briefly glancing at the white lane markings when the glare is too extreme), but relaxed driving looks different. Zeiss has now taken on exactly this problem and offers the solution: ZEISS DriveSafe spectacle lenses. I was allowed to test them.

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Project cars 2- who would have thought it could be even better —

Anyone who has already fallen in love with Project CARS should definitely order the sequel directly. With Project CARS 2, the Slightly Mad Studios development team has taken an extremely good racing simulator to a new level. So good that after a successful sim career you are as good as ready to start real motorsport on real racetracks. A first test report.

Physics close to reality

All fans of Need for Speed ​​or similar arcade games must first hit the driving school bench again. Full throttle into a curve and then hoping to get out without any problems, that doesn’t work in Project CARS 2. This simulation turns the couch potato into a real racing professional. Physics is the supreme law and therefore “slow in, fast out” applies in this game. Which simply sounds better in English “slow in, fast out”.

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Production of seat tarraco started in wolfsburg

The Spaniard who comes from Wolfsburg. The SUV flagship Seat Tarraco only recently had its world premiere. The new SUV is now rolling off the assembly line in Wolfsburg. This is the Volkswagen assembly line, although this type of agreement is nothing new, VW SUVs also roll off the assembly line in Seat’s Spanish plants.

Production together with Touran and Tiguan

But in this direction it is again something special. Because no other make rolled off the production line in Wolfsburg for almost 20 years. Overall, however, is now the fifth model from another group brand that comes off the production line in Wolfsburg. Now, with the Seat Tarraco, a non-VW model is again in the assembly halls in northern Germany for the first time. The new flagship was designed and developed in Martorell, the home of Seat. Based on the synergies of the MQB modular transverse matrix, the Tarraco rolls off the assembly line together with the Touran and Tiguan.

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Preview of the sixth generation of the Opel Corsa

It is now clear that the new Opel Corsa will be a PSA vehicle. But it wasn’t that clear about two years ago. With the sale of Opel by GM to PSA, a lot has changed, especially in the development of the small car. In only about two years, real miracles have been achieved in Rüsselsheim, so that the sixth generation can start next year.

Development in an absolute record time

True miracles because the sixth generation of the Opel Corsa was already “ready to go”. However, on the old GM platform. In order not to have to pay license fees to GM, the PSA head office decided on a quick new development. Carlos Tavares wants to bring the Opel brand back into profitability. This would only work if you build cost-effectively. Thus, the existing Opel Corsa was left behind in development and started all over again.

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