More information about the cupra e-racer

A few days ago, Seat’s new subsidiary, CUPRA, presented the fully electric CUPRA e-Racer racing car. Now there is more information about the driving values ​​and, above all, when you will see the electric racing car on the racetrack.

The future TCR series will be electric

The CUPRA e-Racer can also be found on the stand in Geneva, alongside the Seat models. Because CUPRA has its own stand next to the normal Spaniards. The TCR series has accompanied Seat as Seat Sport since 2014, now the new brand CUPRA will take over the hand at the wheel. The CUPRA e-Racer is based on the experience and the chassis of the normal Cup Racer of the TCR series. However, with a purely electric drive.

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More sports sedan than suv- alfa romeo stelvio driving report

Not only Giulia, but also Stelvio was a direct hit. After a long period of abstinence, Alfa Romeo is back in the middle class twice. With the Giulia sedan, but also with the even more important SUV Alfa Romeo Stelvio. The mid-range SUV with the 2.0-liter turbo unit asks for a test drive.

Same drive – same design DNA as in the Giulia

The style of the Stelvio is close to the Giulia, and the drive is comparatively crisp. The power is transmitted backwards through the carbon fiber drive shaft. Even with the Q4 all-wheel drive, the Stelvio remains rather rear-heavy, which is to say that normally 100% of the drive power goes to the rear wheels. 280 horses drive the Italo SUV and make similar sporty progress as in the sedan.

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Mitsubishi space star 1.2 intro edition – test

The big cities, they are electrifying. But what if you still want an ordinary, conventional car for the city? The selection is getting thinner, good that Mitsubishi has refreshed the Space Star. For the Japanese, the small car is considered to be a new model, but you don’t want to buy it completely from them, as many parts have been taken over from the predecessor. A first driving impression of the new Mitsubishi Space Star.

Front completely redesigned with a new Dynamic Shield face

The new model looks like a current member of the family. Because the Space Star is the last model that got the Dynamic Shield Front. A welcome change to the predecessor, which looked a bit bland. At the rear, however, the changes are being held back, depending on the version there is an LED rear light, otherwise it is difficult to see the new one from behind. In that sense, not much has changed under the hood either. There are still two small three-cylinder engines. We drove the more powerful 80 hp variant, with which you don’t have to hide even for short trips on the motorway.

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Luxury suv comparison- audi q7 or volvo xc90

Both the Volvo XC90 and the Audi Q7 will soon be in the second generation at dealerships. What does who offer for the money and above all the question now arises, which of the two is the better SUV? A small comparison can perhaps clarify the question of the better SUV in the luxury class.

The differences begin by the definition of “second generation”. While you can see this at first glance in the Volvo, in the Audi one wonders whether anything has been changed here at all. Well, that Audi has long been held up against the lack of courage to change is an old shoe. Especially since the design of the Volvo XC90 received the Red Dot Design Award and Ingolstadt still has to wait for a less prestigious award.

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Lukewarm hot pocket- opel adam s

150 hp in a minicar sounds tempting to the ears at first. Opel ADAM S with rear wing sounds, let’s call it interesting. Carbon package and Recaro bucket seats, that sounds really good. And yet it feels like the Opel ADAM S has given away a little potential. More about this here in the driving report.

The male ADAM Rocks didn’t really work, so it was a good decision on the part of the Rüsselsheimers to go one step further. The testosterone-controlled spearhead is said to be the little ADAM with 150 hp. The power comes from a well-known engine. It also drives the Opel Corsa. A four-cylinder Ecotec with 1.4 liter displacement. In principle, it starts exactly where the competition is up to mischief in the form of the 500 Abarth. The Italians are tickling 140 to 190 hp from the small turbo unit in the currently most extreme level – room for improvement for Rüsselsheim?

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Lots of fun for little money- first ride in the new mazda mx-5 -nd-

After almost ten years in the market, the NC is being replaced by the ND. We are talking about the fourth generation of the Mazda MX-5, which is now as light again as the first generation of the low-budget fun car. The MX-5 will be available at dealerships with two engines for the market launch on September 11th and 12th. Before that, the small toy with 131 and 160 hp was tested.

With the base price of 22,990 euros, the MX-5 remains affordable, even a well-equipped MX-5 with a Skyactiv-G 160 engine remains just under 30,000 euros, unless you also pack in the Alcantara-covered Recaro sports seats. The only compromise you have to make is space. Driver and passenger inevitably get closer, the trunk with 130 liters of volume and mediocre Tetris skills swallows around two on-board trolleys and odds and ends. But even in the cockpit there are still small storage spaces here and there. On the other hand, to be honest, the focus of the MX-5 is of course somewhere completely different.

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Luxury tourer- Lexus lc 500 driving report

Both the LF-C2 and above all the LF-LC shone as concept cars on the exhibition stages around the world. It was never certain that Lexus would actually build it in the form of the luxury Gran Tourer Lexus LC. The stunning and truly unique design of the Lexus LC 500 may offend one or the other. But one thing cannot be denied to him, he breaks up the lazy wasteland.

Razor-sharp design combined with a 5.0 liter V8 vacuum cleaner

And not just because of its angular, razor-sharp design. The uniqueness opens up when you look under the long hood. A 5.0-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine without any supercharging or turbocharging. Not only is the sound a real (without artificial volume increase) performance, but also the power of the 477 horses. The voluminous engine does not come to life directly in the lower speed range, but only from just under 5,000 tours. As soon as the 540 Nm torque is applied to the drive, it runs unchecked up to over 7,000 tours.

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Love it – want it- premiere of the porsche panamera sport turismo

It took a long time, but it’s finally here. “My Panamera”, the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. Shown as a concept car a few years ago, it was supposed to be teasing the new generation of the Panamera and now “the station wagon” is finally coming in Geneva. The sports sedan combined with an elegant backpack and a 4 + 1 seating concept. It couldn’t have been more beautiful.

No longer available at Mercedes, but now at Porsche

Mercedes-Benz is canceling the so-called Shooting Brake variant on the CLS and Porsche is bringing one in return for the quasi-direct competitor. And the wide butt will hit directly and by no means slowly, because all the engines are already there for the market launch up to the turbo. Only the fastest of all is still missing. Technically, the Panamera Sport Turismo is also based on the second generation of the sports sedan. So that in the interior – at least in the rear – no changes are noticeable. The digital cockpit can be found there, as well as the three-chamber air spring or the rear-axle steering.

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Light of the future exclusively for selected Maybach customers

With more than two million pixels, some selected fleet customers of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class will get the light of the future this year. The system called Digital Light can not only perfectly illuminate the road thanks to the large number of LED pixels, but can also “paint” the road with light.

Over a million micromirrors per headlight unit

Firstly, the Digital Light is the next level after the currently installed top system Multibeam LED. This technology alone guarantees no glare for oncoming traffic. The new technology takes this to a new level, the possible glare is reduced to an absolute minimum. There are chips with over a million micromirrors built into each headlight. This means that over two million pixels are implemented per vehicle.

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Long-term test of cylinder deactivation in the mazda cx-5

The new top gasoline engine in the current Mazda CX-5 has, in addition to small changes compared to its predecessor, above all an active cylinder deactivation. In the test, we found out how much it saves in everyday life and also compared to the old model. Driving report of the 2017 Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv-G 194.

Moderate price for the top model Mazda CX-5

At a base price of 37,790 euros, the CX-5 with the 194 hp suction gasoline engine has almost everything on board that is fun. In addition to the 6-speed automatic, all-wheel drive is also standard. In our case, only the technology package, the white leather and the special paint called Magma Red Metallic are added. The final price is 41,780 euros. A rather low price in relation to the size, the sum of features and also the engine, if you look around in its segment.

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