Preview of the sixth generation of the Opel Corsa

It is now clear that the new Opel Corsa will be a PSA vehicle. But it wasn’t that clear about two years ago. With the sale of Opel by GM to PSA, a lot has changed, especially in the development of the small car. In only about two years, real miracles have been achieved in Rüsselsheim, so that the sixth generation can start next year.

Development in an absolute record time

True miracles because the sixth generation of the Opel Corsa was already “ready to go”. However, on the old GM platform. In order not to have to pay license fees to GM, the PSA head office decided on a quick new development. Carlos Tavares wants to bring the Opel brand back into profitability. This would only work if you build cost-effectively. Thus, the existing Opel Corsa was left behind in development and started all over again.

Because the GM version, which is already almost finished, could only have been packed onto the PSA platform with great difficulty. Thus, the sixth generation started completely new on the CMP basis of PSA. The same platform that the new Peugeot 208 and DS 3 (Crossback) will use. The same platform that is also used as the “e-CMP” for small electric cars.

Market launch continues in the coming year 2019

It usually takes five to seven years for a new vehicle. The Opel engineers therefore only had two years left. Apparently, despite all this, they are still fully on schedule for the market launch in 2019. It was an advantage that the Common Modular Platform (CMP) was already ready and that the matching motors are available on the PSA shelf. In most versions, the 1.2-liter turbo 3-cylinder will do its job.

Four meters in length remains, the 3-door flies out

You shouldn’t see much change in the dimensions, as Opel sometimes drives well with the dimensions of the current and fourth generation. So it should stay just under four meters in length. However, the design should change a little more radically than previously thought under the GM plan. But we still have to wait and see what that will actually look like later. What is already more or less guaranteed, the 3-door will be deleted. Thus, the Opel Corsa only has the 5-door in order to ultimately save costs.

The new “Vizor” face should not necessarily be expected in the new Opel Corsa. Most recently, it was announced in the schedule for 2020 at the earliest, so the eCorsa could wear the new Opel face at the earliest. In the cockpit, the only recognizable “identical part” should be the 7-inch touchscreen. All other components that are visible to the driver should be typically Opel.

Photos: Opel