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What is self-evident for some can be very difficult for others. The fact that I can’t drive well at night was already clear to me when I went to the driving school for the first time. As soon as headlights, lanterns and glowing billboards come towards me in the dark, my eyes narrow and I have to concentrate extremely hard. Indeed, over time you learn little “tricks” (such as briefly glancing at the white lane markings when the glare is too extreme), but relaxed driving looks different. Zeiss has now taken on exactly this problem and offers the solution: ZEISS DriveSafe spectacle lenses. I was allowed to test them.

The ZEISS DriveSafe glasses from the renowned manufacturer are for those whose eyes are extremely sensitive to glare at night and can still be used all day. The blue shimmer of these glasses, which can be caught in between for those standing outside, easily filters out unpleasant, bright colors and is still not noticeable in everyday life. It makes stopping down a lot easier for the wearer and allows quicker changes of view. In connection with the i.Scription technology already known from Zeiss, these glasses now make my journeys at night easier.

The perfect combination: i.Scription with ZEISS DriveSafe

To put it very briefly and in layman’s terms, i.Scription sharpens the lights “scattered” by the glare and summarizes them more closely. As a person sensitive to glare, instead of a point of light, I see a shining, irradiated collection of points rather than a really circular object. This technology makes everything a little sharper and richer in contrast. As curious as I approached this test, I couldn’t think of hours of driving at night alone in the car. I knew that the glasses could not completely take away my glare and therefore feared that I might not notice any effect at all.

But now that I have extensively tested my glasses with the ZEISS DriveSafe lenses over several weeks, one thing is certain: I no longer drive without them at night! The promised effect is really better than expected and I don’t want to miss it anymore. Long journeys at night are now more relaxed and feasible for me. As a person who does not wear glasses, I now have the feeling of experiencing my world during the day through i.Scription in 4K quality. Everything is even sharper, the colors even more intense and everything is even more plastic.

How much does it cost to see at night than before?

As people who wear glasses and also photographers know: ZEISS quality has its price. A price that, in my opinion, is completely justified. The i.Scription technology costs around 50 euros extra per glass. However, it is only “built in” when complex measurements of the eye show that it is really useful in the individual case. ZEISS DriveSafe, on the other hand, only costs around 15 euros extra per glass. This innovation turns out to be a real “snapper” for all those affected who have thought of ZEISS glasses anyway. The ZEISS DriveSafe glasses can also be used by light-sensitive people without visual defects. You get “flat glass” with the new coating inserted into the frame of your choice.

Those who have never come into contact with ZEISS may be missing out on something. Because Fabian, who previously used other glasses and was infected by my stories, is positively surprised and doesn’t want to miss the ZEISS DriveSafe glasses anymore.

If you don’t want to trust my sole opinion, and above all inexperienced glasses, you can also see Fabian’s personal enthusiasm in our video about the ZEISS DriveSafe glasses.

Product test video for ZEISS DriveSafe glasses

Text: Larissa Rutkowski