Quick check lexus gs 300h- small motor big savings-

The GS300h comes in several equipment variants and tries to adapt perfectly to the needs of its owner. There are 3 versions to choose from, 2 of which I was able to take a closer look at.

The Luxury Line of the new GS definitely trumps with an elegant and glamorous appearance. A little precious wood here, a little chrome appliqué there and, above all, a lot of leather create an elegant, inviting look. The seats, which can be precisely adjusted, ensure comfort and do not forget how masters like to sit (memory function). It is cozy and warm in the front and in the back thanks to the heated seats and should it get too hot, the 3-zone automatic air conditioning helps you cool down again. It can also be controlled from the back seat, just like audio and co. The luxury version is also equipped with an adaptive chassis, has bi-LED headlights including automatic cornering lights and high beam assistants and the Lexus premium navigation system. Small gadgets such as the electric trunk lid, the electric blind and a key in credit card format round off the overall “luxury” concept. You just feel comfortable!

The F-Sport variant, on the other hand, is of course somewhat different. AVS, Bi-LED headlights, the premium navigation system and other small items from the Luxury Line are also attractive here, but essentially it’s about one thing: luring out sportiness and aggressiveness. Visually, Lexus tried this with aluminum, modified front and rear aprons, 19-inch rims made of light metal and a radiator grille. And don’t forget: the F-Sport logo is enthroned on the wing. Sports pedals and sports seats emphasize the topic even more. This makes the GS look a bit sleeker overall. Whether you really want to call it sporty is then up to you.

All well and good – but how is the driving experience?

Well, in general you have to ask yourself whether it is so good to plant an engine that is known to be not that fast (known to me from the IS300h) in a heavier car. No, it is certainly not if you are into dynamic driving fun and fast progress. When you press the gas pedal, nothing happens on the GS and you have to be patient.

Still, I think this car is a good choice for cozy and progressive-minded couples (in the Luxury Line), as well as for thoughtful business people who are more interested in getting from A to B in good comfort. The GS300h is actually easy and smooth to drive.

There are even more driving impressions to read from Mario, I was on the road with him in the new GS.

“In terms of driving, the Lexus GS 300h behaves as I would expect from the Luxury Line: dignified, highly comfortable, quiet and safe. As an F Sport, the GS suggests more sportiness than it can redeem on the asphalt – this applies even more to it than to the IS 300h F Sport. Sportiness only exudes the look. ”- Mario Lehmann, autoaid

Bjoern was also able to get a first impression from Mein Auto Blog.

“223 hp is nothing unusual in the range of business sedans. A top speed of 190 km / h reads like a typo. And yet – both numbers are correct. […] However, the desired balancing act between an innovative savings concept and the “want to have” factor in a luxury sedan is difficult. ”- Bjoern Habegger, my auto blog

Text: Larissa Rutkowski

Photos: Mario Lehmann