The grandpa and the chick- ur-quattro meets no. 5,000,000 and me-

On February 25, 2013, the five millionth quattro rolled off the assembly line at Audi in Neckarsulm. An A6 Allroad with the 313 hp diesel, but there was more at the Audi Forum, the original quattro from 1982, which was ready for a short drive.

It is remarkable that Audi is setting a milestone with the white A6 Allroad, the all-wheel drive models are not only sold like sliced ​​bread in Germany, but especially abroad. The A8 goes there in large numbers, China and America are responsible for more than 80% of the sales figures. In Neckarsulm, there was also a small tour of the plant, in which a lot is automated, but only 10% is done by robots. The factory tour is recommended to anyone who visits the Audi Forum. Unfortunately, the cameras have to stay outside, which is not least due to the fact that a prototype, for example, drives around the factory premises. We suspected the facelift to the S5 Sportback or an RS5 Sportback under the full fabric dress.

The highlight of that day was a different one. A short trip in the Ur-quattro, which, built in 1982, has eight years more under its belt than me. And looked a lot better than me. The old school green shines like on the first day, but what really shines is the five-cylinder turbo engine. Not only does the sound make you kneel down, like a cold shower running down your spine, held by the velor upholstery, from 2,000 tours you just go forward. The turbo kicks in and pushes brutally across all four wheels. Without losses. No slip and that on wet roads. The quattro drive, which was already delivered with a center and rear axle limited-slip differential as standard, brings the power to the road without smoking rubber abrasion.

While Grandpa accelerates straight ahead with the chick at the wheel, nothing twitches to the left, nothing to the right, just drives forward, the Audi engineer chats in the back seat about the time when the quattro was new and the trainees experimented with the differentials. Nice stories that might be better kept under lock and key. The 1350 kilogram classic rushes through the roundabouts as if it were a straight line. Due to the 8 × 15 rims installed for the occasion, in conjunction with the servo support, there is an unbelievably direct feeling on the steering – an unparalleled car that still puts on a fabulous performance today and makes current cars look really old.

Text: Fabian Meßner

Photos: Fabian Meßner