The little 90s- volvo xc60 in the first driving report

If the new Volvo XC90 has always been too big for you, you can now get the right variant from the Swedes. Like its big brother, the new Volvo XC60 is based on the SPA platform. It therefore also uses their technology and the high safety standards that Volvo has committed to, but measures 30 centimeters less in length and is not only easier to park, but also more pleasant.

Optical separation of the new Volvo XC60 from its big brother

In order to clearly differentiate the Volvo XC60 from its big brother, a few subtleties have been thought of. The mid-range SUV not only has LED light as standard, including the identifier “Thor’s Hammer”, but a different housing shape. The design connects the lights directly to the grill and gives the “new Volvo face” an initial retouch that is “easy on the eyes”.

The rear also looks more coherent, sleeker and, last but not least, more elegant due to the not so huge buttocks. But there is also a lot at stake, and not just because the last XC60 was Volvo’s undisputed bestseller right into its final production days. Until the little XC40 arrives, the top seller has to hold up the Swedish flag again.

In the cockpit (almost) the same high impression as in the 90s

So it’s not surprising that inside (as a driver) you feel as protected as in an XC90. One or the other saving measure can only be recognized by the subtleties. For example in the door panels, there is the chic Bowers & Unfortunately, Wilkins’ complex is not nicely flanked, but rather integrated with a little disdainful plastic cladding. The next note is the “worse” basic security package. Pilot Assist II must be ordered in the mid-size SUV. Otherwise, if money allows, the XC60 has the same high level of security as its big brother. In other words, indestructible “Swedish steel” is of course the program.

Driving impression of the new Volvo XC60

Not only does it look similar to the big 90s in the cockpit, it also drives almost like that. At least subjectively, there is not much difference in the first few meters. Only the shorter tail is more noticeable and invites you to take long, winding journeys. Of course, the optional air suspension does the rest to make the journey as comfortable as possible. Another pleasant feature in this regard is the level control for the rear axle. But regardless of whether parked in Dynamic (lower) or Off Road (higher), the XC60 will always return to the central position. From this position, by holding down the button, the rear can be lowered by around five centimeters for better loading. Not a top value in this segment, but a little help in everyday life.

In short, the Volvo XC60 is hardly recognizable, finally standing on its new feet – which look really chic in 21 inches – it can take on the competition again and thanks to the high level of safety it has a lot more to offer.

Video driving report Volvo XC60 D5 AWD R-Design

Text: Fabian Meßner Photos: Volvo