The marathon champion- škoda octavia iii 1.6 tdi 105 hp

Gasoline engines are usually the most fun, but diesels are the more sensible cars. The Škoda Octavia with the largest sales will be the 1.6 TDI with 105 PS. A reason to take a closer look at it and to take a look at the new 8-inch navigation system.

Volume model, that’s what the Octavia with the economical 1.6 TDI is called in specialist circles. Why, quite simply, the smallest diesel with variable geometry of the turbocharger is sufficient. That is the point. Low consumption, long range and, in extreme cases, a top speed of 195 km / h. This makes the diesel very attractive, especially for long-distance drivers. Nobody could achieve the standard consumption of 3.8 l / 100km, more than four liters in any case. Instead of the manual five-speed box, the seven-speed DSG is highly recommended, which requires a little more change, but is certainly more fun on long journeys.

A topic that is not entirely uninteresting for long-distance drivers or employees in the field will be the up to 8-inch touchscreen navigation system with proximity sensors. The same system that is used in the new VW Golf VII reacts extremely quickly to changes in the route. In search of the right photo points, the navigation system calculated the route at lightning speed after turning into a side street and offered us an alternative, or rather we had no objection to continuing on this route. No annoying “please turn around”, simple, simple and thoughtful.

In addition, the huge touchscreen – 8 inches in the compact class, respect! – (available for 2,570 euros (Ambition) or 1,790 euros (Elegance)) very precisely and quickly to use. The difficulty of finding the right pressure point seems to have been overcome with this generation. As a friend of navigation systems with a rotary wheel (i.e. without wildly pushing around on the screen), I have to take my hat off to the new generation from VW.

I was also positively surprised by the new voice control. There is no longer any need for tedious reading of the operating instructions, because voice control is activated at the same time by pressing a button on the steering wheel and a list of the commands that are now possible is also shown in the navigation display. Even the wildest dialects are understood and the command promptly implemented. Further amenities that are supplied with the “Columbus” equipment package include the option to enjoy films from an Apple device, to be covered with sound from eight loudspeakers, and the internal flash memory with a size of 64 gigabytes. For the discerning music enthusiast there is the “Canton” sound system at an additional cost, which in addition to the eight speakers also has a subwoofer in the trunk.

An all-round successful concept for the frequent traveler, apart from the four different “Driving Mode Selection” programs, which have so far made little sense due to the lack of adaptive dampers, which with the little cross in the right place in the order booklet will give you a lot of pleasure with your Octavia III for a long time will have. Orders can now be made at a price of 15,990 euros, with the market launch on February 16. The direct shift gearbox (DSG) will not be available until May 2013.

As usual, you can find out more about diesel engines, such as the new 2.0 TDI with 150 hp, from my blog colleagues.

Škoda Octavia 1.6 TDI Ambition

Four-cylinder in-line turbo diesel (transverse) 1,598 cm³ 105 hp at 3,000 – 4,000 rpm 250 Nm at 1,250 – 2,750 rpm 10.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h VMax 195 km / h Combined consumption 3.8 l / 100km Test consumption 4.4 l / 100km Basic model price: 20,090.00 euros (Active)

Text: Fabian Meßner

Photos: Fabian Meßner