The middle class alternative- kia optima sw test

The field of mid-range station wagons is highly competitive. There is a suitable option for every budget, regardless of whether it is “very expensive” with the Audi A4 Avant, “very practical” with the Skoda Superb Combi or “very classic” with the VW Passat Variant. Not to forget the alternatives to the Ford Mondeo or Opel Insignia and that closes the circle with the new Kia Optima SW. What the Korean Sportswagon can and cannot do better than the competition, more about that in the test.

Kia Optima SW at the price level of the Ford Mondeo tournament

If you compare the Korean, the price is not too far removed from the Ford Mondeo tournament. There is also a sporty look for the Cologne-based model at an additional cost, as in our case with the GT Line. The advantage of Kia is the generous equipment if you choose the highest equipment. In addition to a base price of 37,090 euros with the 1.7 CRDi, there are a few extras that ultimately set the price at 43,110 euros. Individual extras are not inevitably necessary for everyone, like the panorama roof for 790 euros. Even a luxury seating package is not on everyone’s bucket list.

Driving impression of the Optima SW with 7-speed DCT

But the 2,000 euro surcharge for the specially developed 7-speed DCT is likely to be taken by many. A bit of caution is advised here, because in direct comparison with other double clutch transmissions, something is significantly different. The data sheet already reveals that Kia is playing it safe in order to guarantee the 7-year guarantee. In other words, the 7-speed DCT shifts the standard manual transmission in the sprint to 100 km / h more slowly than a person by hand. A fact that makes VW customers spoiled for acceleration swallow hard.

In return, the switching operations are as smooth as butter. In itself, the 1.7 CRDi diesel engine with 141 hp is sufficient. In direct comparison with the competition, it lacks the liveliness, the spontaneous response behavior and the more powerful draft of the competitors. To do this, he takes around five to a maximum of six liters per 100 kilometers from the tank.

Unlike the normal or sport setting, the mid-range station wagon is very comfortable and, above all, quietly driven over long distances. What clearly sets the Kia apart from its competitors is the look. It is typically Kia, but by no means typically middle class. Not everyone can tell at first glance to which group this form belongs. He is by no means less clever than everyone else. For example, by being able to stow the luggage compartment cover in the floor should it get in the way. More about the features and experiences in our video driving report of the Kia Optima SW.

Video driving report Kia Optima SW

Text: Fabian Meßner Photos: Kia