The modest- škoda yeti 2.0 tdi 4×4 first impression

Unimpressed by wind and weather, not even the snowfall can spoil the smile of the Yeti. And yet he maintains a cool distance, that of a workhorse that does its job quietly and quietly without complaining. Every day without complaining. True to the motto, “do what you want with me, even if it gets a little tougher”.

His inconspicuous appearance plays into the cards of the Yeti. He does not want to do with wide sills, a sporty body or even a lowering on “thick pants”. No, everything is functional. For the terrain! The lower cladding made of sturdy plastic should at least prevent the larger stones in the rough terrain from scratching the paint. With a ground clearance of 118 millimeters, a quarry is needed. Even if it looks a bit long-legged, it still fulfills the actual purpose of an SUV. Not only can he go off-road, he even wants to. Not made for the promenade, occupying the parking lot directly in front of the ice cream parlor or even stopping in front of the luxury boutiques. The “snowman from the Himalayas” wants to take a stop at the survival shop, invite a shotgun through the undergrowth and go hunting.

The permanent all-wheel drive, powered by the second most powerful diesel engine in the Yeti range, the 2.0 TDI 103 kW (140 PS), never lets you down. The fourth generation Haldex clutch, based on the Superb 4 × 4, with the electrohydraulic multi-plate clutch ensures high traction in all situations. Together with the rear axle differential and the axle drive, mounted in a housing on the rear axle, the forces are distributed here depending on the load. During normal journeys on dry roads, 96% of the power is passed on to the front wheels, based on the sensor data from the engine control unit, ABS / ESC control unit and the steering angle sensor, up to 90% of the power can also be passed on to the rear axle. By pressing the “Off-Road” button, all systems react more sensitively, the engine speed is limited and a hill descent assistant is activated. There is never a lack of propulsion, the 320 Newton meters of torque from the diesel engine ensure safe progress in the field from 1,750 rpm.

A few more figures for off-road driving: The approach angle is 19 degrees at the front and 26.7 degrees at the rear. The ramp angle convinces with 19.4 degrees and uphill the Yeti does everything up to 60% (31 degree gradient).

The slaughtered wild boar also goes on the back seat without any problems, no, of course in the trunk, which thanks to “simply clever” solutions also comes with a rubber mat. Shake it out briefly and the kids can be driven to training shortly after the hunt. With a payload of over 600 kilograms (620 kg excluding driver), almost anything is possible! Call home quickly, thanks to the Bluetooth connection even while driving, give the order to “grill”, send out a few more invitations, there is enough for everyone. Stream a little hunter’s music from the smartphone to the Columbus Navi, which does not react as quickly as the implementation of the commands on the Bluetooth device, everything is slightly delayed – especially the volume control – but ultimately only one thing counts: Today there is fresh wild boar!

Text: Fabian Meßner

Photos: Fabian Meßner