World premiere of the lexus ux- classy crossover in small format

After the NX, Lexus is going one size smaller with the UX. In direct comparison, the new crossover is a good 14 centimeters shorter than the NX, almost as wide but also twelve centimeters lower. In the wheelbase, however, it is only twenty millimeters short, which is positive in the smaller Lexus UX on the back seat.

Lexus UX is also celebrating the premiere of the new GA-C platform

The new Lexus UX also heralds the new GA-C architecture platform, because until now no Lexus has been on it. This enables the UX to have a low center of gravity, which is not entirely unimportant in the class of crossover and SUV models for driving dynamics. The design of the Lexus UX is extremely expressive and eye-catching. A slight difference between it and the other, larger Lexus models is the relatively small diabolo grill. A striking detail at the rear is the continuous light strip made of 120 LEDs. This becomes flatter and flatter towards the center of the vehicle, down to just three millimeters in height. It is still reserved for the UX, but in the future it will be found on every new Lexus model.

Digital and tidy cockpit

There is a choice of four wheels in 17 and 18 inches to set up the 4,495 mm long UX. It measures 1,520 mm in height, 1,840 mm in width and the wheelbase is 2,640 mm. The interior is typical of Lexus, easily tailored to the driver with large digital displays and a quickly understandable overview. Two different textures and four colors are available in the dashboard for customization.

Aluminum and synthetic resin parts for the body

The GA-C platform also brings further advantages to use in the new Lexus UX. Glued connections and laser-welded materials are used for the chassis. In addition, the side doors, bonnet and fenders are made of aluminum. The tailgate is even cast from lightweight synthetic resin. For the chassis, the classic McPherson construction is used at the front, while a double wishbone wheel suspension is used on the rear axle. If you want a little firmer instead of comfortable, you can use the UX F Sport. With adaptive dampers (series) and a crisper overall set-up, it should live up to its name. In addition, a “sporty soundtrack” is on board.

Photos: Lexus