World premiere- the new opel combo life

The second high roof combination in the Groupe PSA portfolio is the new Opel Combo Life. Almost identical to the Citroen Berlingo, but with clear Opel design lines and a few peculiarities here and there. Last but not least, the Opel Combo Life is also a family-friendly van.

Five- or seven-seater: a combo for every situation

The new Combo Life is available in two lengths. Optionally in 4.40 or 4.75 meters in length. This means that the trunk varies from large to very large. The load volume is at least 597 liters for the trunk only. In the five-seater, essential luggage can still be stored in the numerous storage compartments. Not to forget the three individual child seats, which only fit next to each other in a few modern cars.

Up to 2,693 liters of luggage space

In the long version, the trunk already holds 850 liters. When the rear seats are folded down, the volume then increases to an incredible 2,693 liters (short version: 2,126 liters). If you wish, you can also access it via two sliding doors. Although the Opel Combo is based on the PSA platform, it is an independent vehicle in itself. This is already evident in the front with the LED daytime running light clips in the Opel design. Inside it is tidy, thanks to the latest technologies from the French company.

Drives from the PSA shelf

The engines are also congruent with the Citroen Berlingo including the 8-speed automatic. So that nothing can ever go wrong, there is not only a trailer assistant, but also the IntelliGrip traction control, the 180 degree reversing camera, an automatic parking assistant or “Flank Guard”. With 12 sensors, the system warns of unwanted collisions around the vehicle. The new Opel Combo Life can still be ordered in the first half of the year. Then the prices will also be announced.

Photos: Opel